The Holidays Are Coming!

Now is the time to start preparing for the holidays. I have started my spinning for selling, gifts and charity. The handspun “Purple Carnivale Twist” yarn is my latest spinning creation off the Majacraft bobbins.

I bought serveral Gulf Coast spinning batts from Running Moon farm.  Margrett Stretton dyes her own Gulf Coast fleece.  This purple colourway is one of my favorites of her dyed lots. Thank you, Margrett!


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3 Responses to “The Holidays Are Coming!”

  1. Velinda Says:

    Ummmmm – the purple is so lucious!!
    Your favorite lurker!!

  2. Pepper Says:

    Thank you Number 1 Lurker. I sent you a gift box in the mail today.

  3. andy thedafthermit Says:

    Hi really enjoyed your lovely blog
    thanks for the friendship request on Flickr

    all the best andy thedafthermit

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